• Live the sea with the people of the sea

    From MONMAR we have designed a catalog of safe and fun activities to enjoy our surroundings
    and learn content related to the sea and water sports.

What is MONMAR?

MONMAR is a private association of Llançà formed by the nautical activities of the municipality.

Our objective is to enhance the cultural and natural heritage of Llançà, promote ecotourism in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and to publicize the activities that can be carried out in nature and, above all, on our coast.

We are located in Llançà, in the north of the Costa Brava, between two natural parks and between the sea and the mountain. Our privileged environment allows us to enjoy nature at different levels, and the companies of our municipality have managed to create a series of experiences to discover what surrounds us in a responsible way.

We invite you to experience Cap de Creus with the hand of our seafarers!