In Monmar we constantly renew ourselves to bring our visitors closer to the Llançà environment.

We have the philosophy of not only preserving our natural spaces, but also actively participating in the protection of ecosystems and promoting biodiversity, since we believe it is essential to maintain a harmony between man and nature for a sustainable future.

Hence, boosting responsible tourism is one of our main goals.

For us, the best way to promote ecotourism in the Costa Brava is knowing first-hand the current problems and participating in the work we do to fight them.

The Association 'Monmar' of Llançà - Costa Brava is a non-profit entity with the intention of disseminating the nautical-fishing activities of Llançà, with the following aims:

  • Increase the value of the historical, cultural, social, natural, marine and fishing heritage of the municipality in all the actions raised by this entity.
  • Deseasonalize the tourist season in Llançà and generate work for the companies of the municipality in low season.
  • Encourage cooperative work among the local companies in Llançà and generate synergies with the public administration.
  • Offer a new product to the municipality aimed at specific segments of visitors: families, the youth and schoolchildren.
  • Offer sustainable activities, all of them related to the practice of ecotourism and closely linked to the application of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, that will be applied soon in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus.

Do you want to join us?