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Open Water Swimming

Swimming is undoubtedly one of the healthiest sports that exist. When you are swimming, your body gains strength, endurance, agility and elasticity. Furthermore, if you swim in the sea, in clean and natural waters without chemical agents and in contact with the sun and pure air, your physical and mental benefits multiply.

This school is aimed at all those who want to enjoy the experience of swimming in open waters, whether they have the objective of participating in competitive crossings, or simply participating in encounters with other swimmers, or even for those who want to have fun with an activity surrounded by a natural environment. It is open for children from 6 years old onwards, and also for good swimmers.

Swimming sessions will include games and physical preparation. The training will be done both in and outside the water. We will work on the basic concepts of safety at sea, the specific technique used for open water swimming, swimming with neoprene, the specific orientation works and the development of the different physical capacities, among others.