Boat: Costa Mediterrània

Jaume Caball is from the 'Empordà' region. He is a great lover of the sea and nature and has a great interest in the identification of marine species, both seabirds and fish or cetaceans.

He is the third generation in a family of fishermen and he has been offering, for the past 5 years, the activity of Fishing Tourism with its 25-meter trawling boat, called 'Costa Mediterrània', to invite ecotourists to join the crew for a day. They will teach you how to identify seabirds, fish and cetaceans!

Enjoying the sunrise, eating in the sailors' cabin, sharing the bridge with the Patron, helping with the choice of fish and going to sell the product to the fish market are some of the things you can do together!

The boat 'Costa Mediterranea' is mainly dedicated to the fishing of the famous crayfish in Llançà, as well as the hake, the whiting and the monkfish, and they fish at 20nm from the Llançà coast. The crew is formed by Jaume, Albert, Jordi, Josep and Jalil.

Do you want to get on board with us?