Fishermen's Association

The Fishermen's Association of the Port of Llançà dates back to 1920. Its main task is the first sale of the fishery products of the boats that are based on its port to the professionals who participate each afternoon at the auction of fish of the association.

The Fishermen's Association represents the fishing fleet of Llançà, which consists of nine trawlers, three bottom longline vessels and six smaller fishing vessels, which fish with fixed networks, longline, handles and other lures. Their crews form a group of around fifty-six people, between sailors, mechanics and landlords.

His skipper, Mr. Jordi Fulcarà, participates in the MONMAR project sharing his knowledge and helping in the access to the facilities.

Last year 2017 the Fishermen's Association made sales for a volume of more than six hundred tons of fish, exceeding four and a half million euros

Visit the Fishermen's Association and you will see how the fishing boats arrive, how the auction is made and how the professionals of the sea work.


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